Maldives Five Islands and Eternal Beauty for a Memorable Honeymoon

If you are in search for that perfect honeymoon package to ignite the fire of romance with your beloved partner, then seek for a mesmerizing tour of coral islands, white sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise, and untouched coastline of Maldives.

Maldives island nation will mesmerise you with its beauty and aura; the place is as perfect for romantic endeavours and candle nights on the beach Our Maldives honeymoon packages is well suited to the reasonable budget which is a great plus for those looking for a splendid time in not a very exorbitant range. Maldives honeymoon tour and packages offered by us at lowcost, exciting and one of the best you could get your hands on.

So, here’s our topmost pick of romantic Islands in Maldives that sure to be ideal destination for your unbeatable vacation right after the passionate wedding you had:

  • Artificial Beach and Seaside Lunch @ Male Island: If you have in mind to experience a luxurious honeymoon traveling pleasure with having all sorts of amenities around and a bright sunny location for a perfect picture location, then visiting Male Island of Maldives is something should not be missed. A magnificent compact island is best endowed with an artificial beach giving you eternal pleasure of snorkelling, boating, swimming, and island tour advantage. On top of that, lunch near the water way is something that sure to catch your attention at a first glance. Another fact about the island is close vicinity from the international airport that makes it first choice of travellers.
  • Filled Greenery and Vegetation @ Biyadhoo Island: Nourishing natural beauty with having a whole lot of trees, fruit and vegetable vegetation around appears to be main attraction of Biyadhoo Island. An ideal stopover for honeymoon couples to admire the lush greenery and tempting peace prevail at the island in order to experience each moment as long-lasting for the rest of the life. In addition, recreational activities like scuba diving, canoe-paddling, and snorkelling are something best to find here.
  • Maafushi Island and the Activities Around: Taking a speed boat and a normal ferry towards one of the popular islands of Maldives sure to add vibrant vibe to your honeymoon. Truly a tropical paradise like this is best adorned with nature’s beauty in all direction and the very range of activities like beach strolling, Sandbank, Snorkelling, Dolphin Safari, resort excursion, and so on.
  • Vaadhoo Island and the Bioluminescene in Water: Prepare to get surprised by the sparkling and glittering blue shade of sea at night when you get down to another beauteous island called Vaadhoo Island. Experience the insane appearance of fluorescent effect of bright blue shade in water that appears out of natural phenomenon and definitely flock travellers from various parts of the world.
  •  Kuredu Islands: Get astonished to experience most memorable dining of your life while going underwater and have your meal together in front of your beloved partner. This is what you will experience at another top-rated island of Maldives called Kuredu Island. Water planes, underwater restaurant, private beach, luxury resort, optimum level of hospitality, crystal blue water all around and some more thing sure to make you feel like living here for a long-lasting time.

Seaside honeymoon in a resort in Maldives

Where are going for honeymoon? If you haven’t decided a place then consider visiting Maldives, an island country and archipelago in Indian Ocean. And stay in a resort where you get peace and privacy for the ultimate private vacation. In Maldives, you’ll see nature everywhere.

If you look at luxury honeymoon packages, you’ll find that Maldives has special packages. It is so because it is an island and not a landlocked country. It shares its borders with none other than sea and for this reason it becomes different. Its environment, surrounding, flora and fauna and everything found in this country is different from others.maldives honeymoon

Need a reason to choose Maldives! Visit this country on the web. Read about it on the Wikipedia and also go through many reviews authored by many visitors like you. See what couples felt on visiting Maldives and also read their experience in this island country.

Maldives honeymoon packages include everything from sightseeing to shopping and dining. Your resort stay will be booked in the package and also you’ll be left free to enjoy privacy. In Maldives, you’ll get island food that is hard to find in mainland countries. Tradition, culture and customs of Maldives will make you feel that you are in a different country.

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