5 Places to Visit in Indonesia for your Honeymoon

Thinking of finding a favourable spot for much-awaited honeymoon travel has of no hassle when you have Indonesia and its small and large 13,000 tropical islands to explore.

Truly a magnificent piece of destination located within Asiatic quarters and better known as the Hawaii of Asia, Indonesia and honeymoon retreats are filled with serenity of sun-kissed beaches, turquoise water, bewildering rainforest, lush greenery, wildlife, ancient sites, and of course luxury resorts to get that feeling of scintillating vacation pleasure.

Heading towards such an exotic place by honeymoon couples with the assistance of Indonesia honeymoon package is no doubt a life changing experience as untouched natural beauty sure to make them feel peace and serenity from inside.

So, without making any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the extraordinary stopovers in Indonesia that you can pick for a perfect and memorable honeymoon getaway.

  1. Bali: This is something you cannot afford to leave while having a gala time in Indonesia especially on a picture perfect honeymoon. A must visit spot Bali is ideally known for its coral reefs, lush greenery, endless coastline, luxury resorts, seafood, nightlife, and much more. Treat yourself within a lap of unbeatable luxury while having a romantic stay near the beach and lay rest on the sandy island looking at marvellous beauty of sunrise and sunset. All that can best be done with the aid of honeymoon packages for Indonesia that include all of that.  Soothe yourself when go under the tempting massage treatment or just dip into the cold waters of beach in order to stay refreshed for the day. In addition, Moyo Island to the east and Uluwatu area of Bali cannot be left behind.
  2. Lombak Island: If you are looking for quite an alone time with having nature’s beauty to be your sole partner, then Lombak Island is your destination to be included in Indonesia Honeymoon package. Quite an extravagant island with secluded approach prevails in every single direction sure to offer silent retreat. Raw nature of coral life, seaside, beaches, and the slow paced of life sure to provide that magnetism of finding your relationship with nature.
  3. Bandung: Find an irresistible charm of beautiful looking chalets best soaked up in water up to a few feet and having nature’s beauty all around. Visit here to experience a lavish set of stay in a traditional style. Enjoy the resting pleasure inside wooden chalets and embrace the outside beauty by making walking distance to every single direction.
  4. Ora Beach: Visit the little Maldives of Indonesia which is popularly known as Ora Beach located on Seram Island in Maluku. Experience the pristine sight of crystal blue waters of ocean and get delved into adrenaline pumping water sports activities like scuba diving, kayaking, boating, and much more.
  5. Banyuwangi:  Have a totally different experience of nature’s delight Indonesia when you confirm your visit to Banyuwangi. A volcanic sight offering climbing activity sure to let you witness an adventurous getaway with your beloved partner on honeymoon. Climb up the sight of Ijen Volcano and visit different attractions like Baluran National Park, Bama Beach, and Pulau Merah Beach.

The list will continue to further amaze and mesmerize you and plan an unforgettable honeymoon getaway to Indonesia.