Spanish cities where newlyweds can enjoy romantic vacations

Madrid, capital of Spain, comes after London and Berlin in terms of population. This city is known for its nightlife and bull fighting. Also there are many museums and art centers of repute. The city figures in to in the cities included in Spain honeymoon packages.

If you are going to Spain for honeymoon then you should start your tour from Madrid, where you would get an opportunity to enjoy nightlife and savor delicious cuisines. Also visit Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. When in Valencia, you would see many festivals and local traditions that reflect true culture of Spain.

spain honeymoon packages

In Spain honeymoon packages, you would visit many cities like Barcelona that is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. Granada is situated on foot of Sierra Nevada mountains and also at the confluence of four rivers. Similarly you would find Seville a perfect place for enjoying your romantic vacations.

Honeymoon cities and places in France

Paris is known as capital of France but it is also a city of beautiful monumentslike Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. Situated on the Seine river, Paris is the most populous city in the urban European Union. It is also france honeymoon packagescalled a city of love hence included in the list of cities in France honeymoon packages.

For memorable honeymoon, France is the best place as it has everything from secluded wine farms, coastline, metropolitan cities and monuments and other manmade attractions. Paris has Disneyland Park developed on the theme of Disneyland in Florida. Cannes is another city where you would want to go. Cannes is known for its luxury hotels and hospitality.

Natural beauty of Nice and Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect tourist destination. The city has several business parks and shopping centers. Visit all these cities and also do much more in France honeymoon packages designed for newlyweds.

Honeymooning in the Rome and Milan

Rome is a historic city related with some of the early civilizations. This city still has the signs of old world. Here time stops and the visitors feel as they have entered into a different world. Italy has many historic sites to offer and these sites are located in the best geographic locations.italy honeymoon package

Italy honeymoon packages include visit to top destinations including Milan and Venice. When in Italy, you would get an opportunity to see nature from close and you would appreciate the peace and tranquility it offers. It has a favorable climate, rich history, cuisine and music for which Italy is famous in the world.

In rome, you would get an opportunity to enjoy your honeymoon period in the cities like Florence and Sorrento. Beauty of these places would inspire to you extend your stay to see more like Como and San Marino. Italy is an ideal destination for honeymooners.

Go to Switzerland for memorable honeymoon

Switzerland is a landlocked country in Europe and for this reason it is called playground of Europe. Zurich is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland. Surrounded by majestic mountains and alpine landscapes, this place is just perfect for a romantic getaway.


Switzerland honeymoon packages include visit to important places like Zurich and Geneva, the second most populous city of the country. It is on the bank of river Geneva that gives panoramic views. Other important places of this country include Interlaken, Paris, Lucerne, Montreux, Lugano and St Moritz.

Come to Switzerland, if you are looking for a honeymoon destination. This country has many historic places and modern tourist destinations. It has lakes, mountains, fields and nature and flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy your honeymoon in the scenic views of the landlocked country in Europe. Switzerland honeymoon packages are designed for the honeymooners like you.

An evening in the city of music Vienna

Vienna-austria-Honeymoon-WorldwideVienna is called the city of music and also it has the distinction of being the city of dreams. Dotted with many tourist attractions like the world’s oldest zoo, this city is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is music everywhere in the city.

Music is a synonym for love and romance and for this reason; this city is a perfect destination for honeymooners. Whether newly married or second honeymoon, couples prefer spending their evenings in the romantic environment that is available only in Vienna.

Book a package

Everyone irrespective of his financial status can enjoy Austria honeymoon. There are travel operators that provide cost effective touring options to couples. The options include hotel stay, sightseeing and much more. What is more amazing is that the packages can be booked online.

Vienna honeymoon packages are for everyone. It is an opportunity for couples to enjoy their first tour post marriage. It is for everyone hence second honeymooners and couples going for honeymoon post retirement can also advantage of this opportunity.

When on Vienna honeymoon tours, couples get an opportunity to spend their evenings in romantic environment. In Vienna, it is music everywhere. It is the city of music and this is what makes it suitable for romantic vacations.

Honeymoon options in Portugal

Portugal-Honeymoon-PackageWelcome to Portugal, the land of caves, volcanic lagoons, mighty mountains and cultivated hillsides and high seas. See this beautiful country from close on your honeymoon. Take your partner on a romantic tour to this beautiful country and collect memories that you can cherish for life.

This country has beautiful sites, nature parks, historical monuments and manmade marvels. Here you would see the marvels that aren’t found in any part of the world. Visiting this country is expensive but a holiday package for your honeymoon can make it affordable.

Portugal honeymoon tours are for couples and the tours are for couples of all ages. It hardly matters what age you are and also it hardly matters what your financial condition is as everyone can afford these tours. The tours are so designed that they contain everything from accommodation to sightseeing.

Search Portugal honeymoon packages on the web and find the best package for your needs. There are many options and every option is the best. There is a package for every need. Portugal is certainly a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon vacations. It has mountains, seashores, villages, street food and market and everything a couple needs for their vacations.

Austria itinerary for honeymooners of all ages

Honeymoon Package WorldwideShopping in the streets of Vienna is a refreshing recreational activity as the pedestrian zones offer luxurious goods at throwaway price and what is more amazing is that the shopkeepers are always ready to bargain.

When you are in Austria, you can’t miss visiting Hangar-7, one of the most amazing places of Europe. It has everything from architecture, flying machines, automobiles and world-class cuisine. Austria honeymoon tours include shopping in the pedestrian zones and dining in Hangar-7 and much more.

A short stay in this most livable city would fill your life of joy that you would feel forever. Austria honeymoon tours offer peace and privacy that couples need and for this reason they are accommodated at places where they enjoy green surrounding and proximity to nature and also from where they can access recreational zones.

Austria honeymoon packages are for every couple and the packages include everything from luxurious stay to sightseeing. A honeymoon is never late. Plan it when you are ready and have time.

How to plan a honeymoon in Greece?

Greece sits at the crossroads of Africa, Europe and Asia. It boasts of the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin. Its coastline consists of a vast numbers of islands. In the mainland, it is mountains everywhere and in springtime, the mountains become colorful.

With many places to rest and relax, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that couples loge for Greece honeymoon tours. A short stay in this country gives unforgettable memories. The surroundings, flora, fauna and the peace and tranquility that this country offers make it the best place for union.

Stay close to nature and attractions. Stay from where you can walk down to the mountains and touch the sky. Or stay close to the coastline where you can enjoy sun, sand and water. Greece honeymoon packages are so designed that couples can make most of their tours.

Greece honeymoon tours are organized and operated by leading hotel chains that promise 100% comfort, luxuries and facilities at most affordable price.