5 Places to Visit in Indonesia for your Honeymoon

Thinking of finding a favourable spot for much-awaited honeymoon travel has of no hassle when you have Indonesia and its small and large 13,000 tropical islands to explore.

Truly a magnificent piece of destination located within Asiatic quarters and better known as the Hawaii of Asia, Indonesia and honeymoon retreats are filled with serenity of sun-kissed beaches, turquoise water, bewildering rainforest, lush greenery, wildlife, ancient sites, and of course luxury resorts to get that feeling of scintillating vacation pleasure.

Heading towards such an exotic place by honeymoon couples with the assistance of Indonesia honeymoon package is no doubt a life changing experience as untouched natural beauty sure to make them feel peace and serenity from inside.

So, without making any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the extraordinary stopovers in Indonesia that you can pick for a perfect and memorable honeymoon getaway.

  1. Bali: This is something you cannot afford to leave while having a gala time in Indonesia especially on a picture perfect honeymoon. A must visit spot Bali is ideally known for its coral reefs, lush greenery, endless coastline, luxury resorts, seafood, nightlife, and much more. Treat yourself within a lap of unbeatable luxury while having a romantic stay near the beach and lay rest on the sandy island looking at marvellous beauty of sunrise and sunset. All that can best be done with the aid of honeymoon packages for Indonesia that include all of that.  Soothe yourself when go under the tempting massage treatment or just dip into the cold waters of beach in order to stay refreshed for the day. In addition, Moyo Island to the east and Uluwatu area of Bali cannot be left behind.
  2. Lombak Island: If you are looking for quite an alone time with having nature’s beauty to be your sole partner, then Lombak Island is your destination to be included in Indonesia Honeymoon package. Quite an extravagant island with secluded approach prevails in every single direction sure to offer silent retreat. Raw nature of coral life, seaside, beaches, and the slow paced of life sure to provide that magnetism of finding your relationship with nature.
  3. Bandung: Find an irresistible charm of beautiful looking chalets best soaked up in water up to a few feet and having nature’s beauty all around. Visit here to experience a lavish set of stay in a traditional style. Enjoy the resting pleasure inside wooden chalets and embrace the outside beauty by making walking distance to every single direction.
  4. Ora Beach: Visit the little Maldives of Indonesia which is popularly known as Ora Beach located on Seram Island in Maluku. Experience the pristine sight of crystal blue waters of ocean and get delved into adrenaline pumping water sports activities like scuba diving, kayaking, boating, and much more.
  5. Banyuwangi:  Have a totally different experience of nature’s delight Indonesia when you confirm your visit to Banyuwangi. A volcanic sight offering climbing activity sure to let you witness an adventurous getaway with your beloved partner on honeymoon. Climb up the sight of Ijen Volcano and visit different attractions like Baluran National Park, Bama Beach, and Pulau Merah Beach.

The list will continue to further amaze and mesmerize you and plan an unforgettable honeymoon getaway to Indonesia.

Best Places to Visit in Thailand for your Honeymoon

Finally, it has happened. You got hitched in front of family and friends around with showing of blessings befall upon you.  Now, it is time to spend that perfect honeymoon with your beloved partner and experience the moment of bliss.

When we say honeymoon, then it is considered as the occasion when both the loved ones head for a romantic excursion immediately after the wedding. Well, in reality it appears to be a time when you create a strong bond between selves and collect memories of a lifetime.

So, let’s make this once in a life opportunity of creating first ever traveling memories together be overwhelming once you decide to embark on a journey towards, “ Vegas of the East”, best known as Thailand.

An Exotic Beach Honeymoon

The reasons could be numerous for Thailand as a perfect honeymoon getaway for romantic newly wedded couples. Serene and sun-kissed beaches, crystal blue sea waters, sunny weather, romantic coastline spreading wide across, multitude of adventurous water sports, exotic nightlife, party hub, lush greenery and the list goes on.

In short, if you have the desire to stroll on a sandy path looking at the mesmerizing scenic beauty of a sunset or like to have that million dollar moment of candle night dinner on a beach shore, then Thailand is a way towards bringing more pleasure out of the trip.

Check Out the Top-Most Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

Bangkok Honeymoon

Start the adventurous and romantic vacation by first landing at vibrant and highly entertaining Bangkok the capital. Check out the modern day lifestyle of the town by spending at least 1 or 2 days. Buddhist temples, floating boat market, exhilarating night pubs streets, flea markets, ferry ride, and delectable food tour are main attractions of the city sure to attract your attention at a first glance.

Phuket Honeymoon

Finally, here comes beaches, beaches and some exotic beaches, Phuket a true romantic paradise for couples sure to give them a reason to get married again and this time on a sun-kissed beach itself. Tranquillity, beauty, and transparency best prevail on this destination which is full of beaches, scuba diving, banana boat, swimming, and various other activities.

Krabi Honeymoon

If a tempting Island adventure is what you have planned for your spouse in order to give him/her a mesmerizing surprise, then visit Krabi’s secluded beaches best endowed with untouched beauty of the nature. For those having real fascination to see the beautiful coral reefs and quite beaches should definitely come here. One of the major attraction is the delectable sea food being served in a traditional style. In addition, picturesque landscape, lush greenery, green water and various other things sure to grab your attention.

Koh Samui Honeymoon

Have you ever witnessed the glimpses of numerous lanterns being lighted on the beach along with small houses on a nearby mountain excels glittering light to the sky? If not, then visiting Koh Samui will surely let you experience the same. The place is best designated as full moon party hub for travellers flocking from different parts of the globe especially the newly wedded couples like you.

The list surely does not end here. Thailand being one of the best honeymoon destination for couples also features fascinating places like Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Ngai, and various others to bring the inside adventurer out.

Why honeymoon packages are so popular among couples?

What you need for a luxury honeymoon? First thing is locating a destination like Australia or New Zealand, if you are going for beach vacations. French Polynesia is also a perfect place, if you want to enjoy seaside vacation where you can cool your eyes on deep blue water and also feel blessed on seeing the blue sky meeting the ocean water in the horizon.

Second thing you need for a private vacation is a plan that includes destinations to visit, hotel stay, transportation and local guide to help you enjoy sightseeing, shopping and outdoor dining. You need a travel partner that can take care of all your needs from selection of destinations to hotel stay.

Honeymoon tour packages are popular among couples not because the packages are affordable but because they are complete. Everything from hotel stay to sightseeing is packaged into a deal and the deal is offered at reduced price. There is so much to see and do in Fiji, Australia and other countries that one can spend months in those countries.

honeymoon destinationsIf you’re going on a honeymoon and never mind, if it is your second honeymoon, you should take help of a vacation planner to make your stay more luxurious and affordable. Search packages instead of places to visit.

Seaside honeymoon in a resort in Maldives

Where are going for honeymoon? If you haven’t decided a place then consider visiting Maldives, an island country and archipelago in Indian Ocean. And stay in a resort where you get peace and privacy for the ultimate private vacation. In Maldives, you’ll see nature everywhere.

If you look at luxury honeymoon packages, you’ll find that Maldives has special packages. It is so because it is an island and not a landlocked country. It shares its borders with none other than sea and for this reason it becomes different. Its environment, surrounding, flora and fauna and everything found in this country is different from others.maldives honeymoon

Need a reason to choose Maldives! Visit this country on the web. Read about it on the Wikipedia and also go through many reviews authored by many visitors like you. See what couples felt on visiting Maldives and also read their experience in this island country.

Maldives honeymoon packages include everything from sightseeing to shopping and dining. Your resort stay will be booked in the package and also you’ll be left free to enjoy privacy. In Maldives, you’ll get island food that is hard to find in mainland countries. Tradition, culture and customs of Maldives will make you feel that you are in a different country.

Most Popular Packages:-                                 New Blog ( Indian Ocean ):-

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How you are going to enjoy your Malaysia honeymoon tour?

Malaysia is a beautiful country but it isn’t enough to make this country the top honeymoon destination. Honeymoon is start of a new life and the start has to be beautiful. You won’t go to Malaysia to stay in a luxury resort but you will certainly take interest in a Malaysia honeymoon tour, if you are promised the romantic setting and environment.Malaysia honeymoon packages

This country celebrates many festivals and the festivities continue all the year. From birth of Maulidur Rasul to Deepawali and from Chinese New Year to harvest festival Gawai, Malaysians remain in festive mood throughout the year. In Malaysia, you will always be in festive mood that is good for honeymoon. Are these reasons not enough to sell Malaysia honeymoon packages?

If you love nature and it’s in habitants then you are going to have a great time in Malaysia. On visiting Pangkor Laut Island Park, you will certainly want to shout loud with pleasure. It is so beautiful that you would want to say that it is a paradise on earth. There are many natural attractions that you can visit during your stay in Malaysia. An experienced Asia honeymoon tours planner could make your dream honeymoon a reality.

Know why Thailand honeymoon tour is called complete tour

Where would you want to spend first few days of your married life? Or the question could be asked in a different way like “from where would you want to start your married life”. Which country would you visit for honeymoon? Most couples start their married life from Kingdom of Thailand or with Thailand honeymoon packages.

World Tourism Organizations declared Thailand the most visited country in thailand honeymoon PackagesSoutheast Asia in 2013. Phuket is popular with vacationers but honeymooners like Koi Samurai for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking views and luxury resorts. There is peace, privacy and tranquility needed for making private moments more personal. There is no disturbance other than chirping of birds and sound of leaves. Vacationers like Thai cuisines and hospitality. They enjoy every moment of Thailand honeymoon tour.

Thailand makes the perfect vacation destination for honeymoon and this isevident from the feedback of honeymooners and tour planners. Data shows that people go the Thailand for second honeymoon as well. An experienced Asia honeymoon tours planner can make a perfect tour matching with every need. The tours can be customized to suit individual needs. There are many ways in which honeymooners can make their stay memorable. They can extend their stay to enjoy a few more days in this beautiful country.