Spanish cities where newlyweds can enjoy romantic vacations

Madrid, capital of Spain, comes after London and Berlin in terms of population. This city is known for its nightlife and bull fighting. Also there are many museums and art centers of repute. The city figures in to in the cities included in Spain honeymoon packages.

If you are going to Spain for honeymoon then you should start your tour from Madrid, where you would get an opportunity to enjoy nightlife and savor delicious cuisines. Also visit Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. When in Valencia, you would see many festivals and local traditions that reflect true culture of Spain.

spain honeymoon packages

In Spain honeymoon packages, you would visit many cities like Barcelona that is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. Granada is situated on foot of Sierra Nevada mountains and also at the confluence of four rivers. Similarly you would find Seville a perfect place for enjoying your romantic vacations.

Honeymoon cities and places in France

Paris is known as capital of France but it is also a city of beautiful monumentslike Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. Situated on the Seine river, Paris is the most populous city in the urban European Union. It is also france honeymoon packagescalled a city of love hence included in the list of cities in France honeymoon packages.

For memorable honeymoon, France is the best place as it has everything from secluded wine farms, coastline, metropolitan cities and monuments and other manmade attractions. Paris has Disneyland Park developed on the theme of Disneyland in Florida. Cannes is another city where you would want to go. Cannes is known for its luxury hotels and hospitality.

Natural beauty of Nice and Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect tourist destination. The city has several business parks and shopping centers. Visit all these cities and also do much more in France honeymoon packages designed for newlyweds.